8" Sapphire II COB, Universal New Construction Frame-In

The Sapphire II COB Series is an architectural grade LED high lumen downlight. The Sapphire II uses the latest COB technology by Cree®. The COB allows for better optic control offering 3 beam spreads. Beam spreads focus the light down to the work plane from high ceiling applications. The Sapphire II series is available in 4″, 6″ or 8″ apertures and also in new construction or remodel frame-ins.

Compatible Reflectors
NC2-831 = 8″ Open Reflector
NC2-836 = 8″ Wall Wash Reflector
NC2-838 = 8″ Decorative Glass Reflector



• Specification Sheet

• Instruction Sheet

• Revit File

Additional information

Light Source


Lumen Output

0-900lm, 1000-1900lm, 2000-2900lm, 3000-3900lm, 4000lm and above

Aperture Size



Downlight, Wall Wash

Construction Type

New Construction, Non-IC, Commercial / Architectural