24V 12" CCT Color Tuning LED Tape Light Section

CCT Tape allows the end user to select their own color temperature ranging between 2500K and 4500K. Different applications require different temperatures whether using 2500K to enhance the reds and give an incandescent feel or to brighten the blues and greens with the 4500K. The RF hand held controller allows custom tuning of colors and other functions. Offered in 16′ rolls and 12″ and 4″ segments.

·Available in a 16′ roll
·Field adjustable Kelvin from 2500K to 4500K
·Separable every 12″, easily disconnected and connected without soldering
·Field cuttable every 4″ or 6 pairs of LEDs
·Easy to install; pre-applied 3M™ tape
· Includes both Cool White 4500K & Warm White 2500K on the same tape
·No soldering or additional wiring is required
·No flicker delay or warm up like compact fluorescent products
·No UV light or infrared wavelengths
·Three Year Limited Warranty



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Light Source


Lumen Output

0-99lm per ft.


CCT Tape Light