24V 12" RGBW LED Tape Light Section

RGBW tape takes the existing RGB (Red, Green, Blue) tape and adds a separate 30K diode for quality usable white light. The RGBW offers the flexibility to create pastel colors using the RGB at the same time as the white, as well as producing a high quality white light when needed, and the ability to change to RGB and color changing when the mode or application changes. The 4-wire system has a dedicated RF controller allowing flexibility during installation and a hand-held control with multiple functions, too numerous to list here.

· Color changing tape with seperate 30K diode
· Select range of colors including 30K white
· Separable every 12″ – easily disconnected and connected without soldering
· Field cuttable every 6″
· Shrink wrap tube at each breakaway
· 24V 5-wire system
· Several colors or automated changing of visual spectrum can be selected and programmed
· 3 changeable brightness levels with hand held remote
· Maximum run length 10′
· Easy to install with pre-applied 3M™ adhesive tape, clips or aluminum channel
· No UV light or infrared wavelengths
· 3 year limited warranty



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