4" Non-IC Air-Tight Line Voltage New Construction Housing

4″ Recessed housings deliver ultra-high design quality in any application with minimal apertures ideal for R/PAR20, PAR16 designer light sources. Available in both standard and energy savings airtight configurations, Nora’s 4″ products are quick to install and accept a wide variety of high quality, attractive finishing trims.

Minimum Clearances: Non-IC housings require minimum clearances of 3″ from thermal insulation and 1/2″ from adjacent building components

Socket Plate: Socket plate adjusts inside housing and can be removed in the field to convert to a floating socket

Bar Hangers: Bar hangers are adjustable from 13-5/8″ to 24-1/2″ and can be re-positioned 90 degrees. Bar hangers are slotted for T-bar installation and include captive nails.

Maximum Wattage: 50W (can be labeled for lower wattages)



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Air-Tight, New Construction, Non-IC