18" Pendant Assembly Kit

Pendant assembly kit can be used to suspend track from ceiling, as well as feed the track from an end feed, “I”, “L”, “T”, “X”, or Flexible Connector with a wire way cover.

Mounted to a 4″ or 3″ octagon outlet box. Use on at each end of track, and every 4′ in between. Use additional stems for additional support. Power is fed to the track with the stem closest to the track feed-in point. Longer stems are available, see NRA-132. Custom lengths can be created by using NRA-82 coupler to join two stems together.

Available Lengths:
18″ (NT-305), 24″ (NT-306), 36″ (NT-336), 48″ (NT-329), 72″ (NT-372), 96″ (NT-396)
Custom lengths can be created using NRA-82 coupler to join two together.



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Black, Silver, White

Compatibile Track Systems

One-Circuit, Two-Circuit

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