6" Sloped LED Dedicated IC Air-Tight New Construction Housing

Dedicated new construction housing for sloped ceiling with a 6/12 pitch ceiling. Air-tight housing additionally reduces energy costs by decreasing the flow or air escaping through the ceiling. Rated for direct contact with insulation and adjacent ceiling structures. The housing is dedicated and labeled for use with sloped LED retrofits.

Input Voltage: 120/277V

Socket: Quick Connector for LED downlights

Dimming: Specified by downlights

Compatible Downlights:
NLRS-611: 1200lm Sloped LED Retrofit Reflector with Selectable CCT
NLRS-612: 1200lm Sloped LED Retrofit Baffle with Selectable CCT
NRMC-6S11: 800lm Marquise I Sloped LED Retrofit with Dedicated CCT
NRMC-6S12: 800lm Marquise I Sloped LED Baffle with Dedicated CCT



• Specification Sheet

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Marquise I

Light Source


Aperture Size



Sloped Ceiling

Construction Type

New Construction, Air-Tight IC, Commercial / Architectural